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Welcome to the end of the week here at Riversdale Kindergarten.

We had out first “Floral Friday” which we will be celebrating on the last Friday of each month to acknowledge other cultures but particularly the Pacific islands cultures. Today we had lots of Pacific island related activities like flower paintings, flag paintings, map sessions about pacific island countries and also some traditional dancing practice. The children particularly enjoyed the dancing practice and asked for more songs to be put on so we had lots of music going in the background today which created a warm and comfortable vibe.

We had played musical spots and musical statues using the songs from the Moana movie soundtrack and the children had lots of fun with this activity as we didn’t have our funky feet dancing today. We might continue to learn some of the pacific island dances that we leanrnt today as it encourages learning new languages and acknowledging other cultures. We have made a commitment to incorporating more of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture into our programme as well so look out for this.

Another exciting thing we did today was name the plant that will be going out to a Riversdale family who responded to our family survey. As you can see in the pictures Rosie and Golden were the most popular in the preliminary round and the eventual winner was ROSIE!! It was great to see the children take the lead and come to a popular decision and this is something we might encourage more in the classroom to get the children’s voice on what they would like to see happening in the class.

Enjoy the photos everyone and have a great weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess