Welcome to the end of the week! It has been a very busy one with lots of exciting learning and plenty of fun along the way.

This morning we gathered together doing some different physical challenges such as climbing the ropes, monkey bars and jungle gym. Miss Jess also set up and exciting hopscotch course for the children to test their balancing and jumping skills. Afterwards we came inside for group time where we read a story called “bunny money” this prompted a discussion about rhyming words and we found lots of words to pair together. Arden came up with the very creative “Rikki and bikkie (biscuit)”.

Our whiteboard songs and games were very popular today as the children chose what songs they wanted to sing. Some of the choices were:

  • Connor – speckled frogs
  • Carter/Narla/Wyatt – monkeys on the bed
  • Mariah – ten little dinosaurs + baa baa black sheep
  • Rikki – 5 little ducks
  • Carter – clock activity
  • Kianni – ants on the apple letter activities

Miss Jeni came later in the morning to get the children active with some exciting dance moves including some more practice for the recital at the end of the year. It has been amazing to see the confidence increasing in so many of the children who were a little reluctant to join in at first but now absolutely love the classes.

Later in the day we did some spelling and letter matching games as well as board games, construction activities, whiteboard drawings and also some relaxing reading and puzzles. Marble obstacle courses were also a very popular activity today and were great for the children’s problem solving skills and using trial and error to see what would work and what wouldn’t.

Remember to RSVP to either Emma, Miss Jess or Mr Andrew about who is coming to your children’s graduation so we can add you to our list. Also the educator meeting sign up sheets are still there in front of the communication books in the foyer if you would like to meet with us.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess