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Good Afternoon and welcome to beautiful day in the Kindergarten room.

This morning we had some yummy morning tea to get our energy up for when Miss Jeni from Funky Feet comes in.

At funky feet with Miss Jeni up at the tree house we started off with some exercise to stretch our muscles. We did hop scotch to a song called Hop, skipping song for kids fitness. Then the children had the opportunity to show us their dance moves  to baby shark. It was great to see our friends being brave and having the confidence to get up in front of their peers. Sage did the robot, Wynter and Hamilton did break dancing and Austin did some jumping. After our solo performances we stood in a circle where we did some more stretching to the Git up song, stretching our arms and legs. We then grabbed some pom poms to shake your tail feathers and then we moved in into shakers and to feeling hot hot. The children had so much expressing themselves throughout to the music, great work everyone.

After Happy Feet we came inside to engage in our morning activities before lunch. As the children have become curious learners about Butterflies and Caterpillars today the children had the opportunity to explore this further. Firstly through creating their own hungry caterpillar sitting on a leaf. As the children engaged in this experience they used Miss Emma’s Caterpillar as inspiration and as a prompt to help them create their own very hungry caterpillar. This experience encouraged the children to use their problem solving skills and to persevere with challenges as they worked out how to form the caterpillar body using the strips of paper and as they used the scissors to cut out their leaf for the caterpillar to sit on. It was great to see the children supporting one another as they gave their peers who were having difficulty tips and strategies on how to do it. They did such an amazing job and seemed so proud of what they had created. This was a great opportunity for Miss Emma to work with the children as they used the scissors, supporting them to use them correctly. As this is an area some children need support with we will continue to provide experiences which encourage the children to engage with their scissor skills as well as activities to strengthen their fine motor skills.




After our morning activities we then came together on the mat for a group time where we were able to further explore and learn about caterpillars and butterflies as we watched our video called “How caterpillars become butterflies” As mentioned yesterday when I asked the children if they knew what another name is for a cocoon they were unsure, so I reminded the children to listen out and see if they could find out what it was called. With a little bit of prompting Hamilton called out that it was called a Chrysalis, great work Hamilton. The children then had the opportunity to share any information that they wished with the group that they had found out through the video. Jaxon commented “The Caterpillars eat the shell.” Sage commented “They bite their way through out of the egg.” Hamilton commented “The Caterpillars eat leaves.” Wynter commented ” Caterpillars turn into butterflies.” Layla commented “Caterpillars eat honey, no I mean Nectar.” Well done everyone and thank you for sharing this information for us. At group time we also revisited our talk about our private parts, which it seems the children are all very aware of keeping their private parts and bodies to themselves and what to do in situations where they are feeling uncomfortable. Lastly at group time I needed to announce who was taking home our special friend “Hungry Jacks for the weekend. This week Hungry Jacks is off to share his weekend with our friend Wynter. Wynter, has been doing some amazing work this week in the Kindergarten room, sharing lots of information she has learned, being a responsible learner and a great friend. Well done Wynter, we can’t wait to see what you and Hungry Jacks get up too this weekend.

important dates to remember

Don’t forget next week is book week. Your child can come dressed up as their favourite book character any day or every day they attend next week. We can’t wait to see their outfits!!

We also have a fathers day evening coming up at the centre on Thursday 29th August from 5-6pm. We would love to see as many dads as possible come and join in a special night celebrating everything their children love about them. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

We hope you all have a happy, safe and wonderful weekend with your families and we will see you all next week.