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Happy Wednesday friends! We’re halfway through the week but the fun never stops in this room.

Some of our friends played soccer today, using their gross motor skills and feet skills to dribble and kick the ball.

Today to extend on our learning of Australia, we decided to do some arts and crafts and paint our own boomerangs! Miss Danna cut some boomerangs out of cardboard and set out some paints and cotton tips. We used our fine motor skills and our pencil grips to use the cotton tips in a dotting motion to decorate them and make our boomerangs beautiful. While doing this Miss Danna asked the children what they think boomerangs were used for, Sage responded “boomerangs were used for aboriginal people to catch animals”, Wynter said “to throw at things”.


Miss Sarah put some music on for us today and we had a bit of a dance party to get out our wiggles! Layla and Graysen came up on the stage and showed some of their friends some of their favourite dance moves.

At lunch time, we all practiced our self help skills by choosing what we wanted to eat for lunch ourselves, today we had meatloaf, roast potatoes and carrot, broccoli and peas, and our salad bar. Austin, Hayley, Wynter, Harper and Layla decided they wanted to use the tongs themselves to get what they wanted.

A very good day was had by all in the kindergarten room today.

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Danna and Miss Sarah.