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Welcome back to another fantastic Monday in Kindergarten.

Today we have explored the outside environment digging holes in the sandpit and burying ourselves in the process. Jaxon happily buried himself up to the chest with sand. He laughed when I explained that he was now stuck for the day. Hayley and Layla had a lovely time digging for gold treasure in the sandpit and Jacob was happy to oversee the operation. The children have had a lovely time together in the sun today.

Once inside we have started to explore a new program that is used widely by other teachers. This program is called Phonemic Awareness, this will help the children with early reading success. The classroom is very heavy in different forms of literacy and numeracy. Including this daily program will help the children as they move to big school. I believe the best part of this particular activity today was learning how to use Hand bar hands when looking at Blending words.

We have also continued our science exploration of the Human body, this has include our sense of smell today. I coloured and scented six different play doughs asking the children to identify the smell. Some have been rather interesting, please look for the results on the wall coming soon.

We have had a lovely day together today and look forward to a terrific Tuesday


Miss Sharon and her Scientists.