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Greetings and welcome to a new week in the Kindergarten classroom.

We started our morning outdoors where Miss TJ had set up some of the children’s favourite activities like dress up costumes, chalkboard drawing and tables with animal figurines. Games like tag are very popular in the mornings and they are perfect opportunities for children to practice their leadership and verbal language skills as they try and organise between themselves how the game is going to be played. I have been impressed with Astrid and Eva’s ability to get a group of children together and play the games fairly. Another game that I often see them playing is candlesticks which has a lot of cooperative elements where you have to help your friends after they get stuck.

As we came inside we washed our hands for morning tea. We were missing some paper towels the other day and today the children remembered the importance of drying hands to keep them free from germs and viruses. After we ate our morning tea we were lucky to have some freshly baked chocolate brownies that Astrid brought in as it was her birthday yesterday! What a treat! While we were at the table Astrid and Eva were telling jokes. “Why did the chicken cross the road . . . to eat his chocolate brownie!” Jokes are an excellent way for children to develop language skills are there are multiple things for them to consider. Jokes need a set up and a punchline, they sometimes follow a story, the other person should be able to understand, plus they are lots of fun! I have challenged the children to go home and learn a joke they can tell to the class so this should be exciting.

Our morning continued with our “Days of the Week” song, story time and some other free play activities. We had a small music session with a drum and each of the children had a turn at making their own beat. Instruments are an excellent tool for creative expression and at the same time great for getting children to follow a beat or other each other. Reid and Braxton were doing a counting activity where they had to count the sea creatures and stick the pegs on the right numbers. It was great practice for number recognition and quickly identifying how many things are in a group. It also led to them consulting the animal encyclopedia that we had on the shelf to see if they could find each of them.

Our sport and movement session today started off with our animal circus where the children had to pretend to be an animal while everyone tried to guess what they were, I’ll let you guys try and guess from the photos below. Our afternoon was filled with some educational games such as “Tummy-ache” and “Sea-quence” which teach children concepts like ordering, addition and learning about healthy vs. unhealthy food. In the afternoon Mr Andrew plans to set up a great big obstacle course and see if the children can conquer it.

Thanks for reading our blog today and enjoy your evening.

Mace was a cheetah

Kianni was a parrot

Astrid was a unicron

Reid was a cheetah

Harper was a mouse

Braxton was a gorilla

Eva singing her llama to sleep