Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week here at Riversdale. We have plenty of exciting things to share with you today. We began our day outdoors because the sunshine was so nice and warm after a wet weekend. Braxton, Reid, Xavier and Marshall were busy using the water pump to watch the water travel down the creek. They were also filling up a big box for their animals to have a bath. We even set up a water pump and discussed how hydroelectric dams work. The children love new topics and it is rewarding to be able to explore these concepts with them.

We had another outdoor picnic for morning tea and afterwards did some number games that the children really enjoyed. Astrid was the lucky child with the share bag this week and she brought a butterfly from her other school and some pictures she took at Timezone with her mum. She described what she brought to the others and answered their questions like “why are they special?” or “what is Timezone?”. The share bag is a great way to create links between home and Kindergarten and gives children opportunities to develop their confidence and verbal language skills by speaking in front of their peers.

After coming inside we explored a big animal encyclopedia and everyone chose a favourite animal to draw. In the afternoon we will have a presentation and talk to our friends about the animals that we drew. We have been practicing lots of drawing recently as it is an important skill to be able to transfer what we see or imagine onto paper. It develops fine motor skills which is essential for other tasks like writing or manipulating tools and lastly drawing is such a fun way to express ourselves as they have a clean slate and can make something whichever way they like.

After lunch we plan on doing some parachute games and other teamwork games as well as some competitive games like rob the nest. It is great to have a balance of cooperative and competitive activities so children are able to recognise these situations in real life when they may need to help someone or when they may need to look out for their own interests. It also lets them test themselves in a safe and caring environment.

Thank you for Kindergarten for making today so enjoyable. See you again tomorrow.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Harper, Ellie and Eva setting up an ice cream stall

Reid, Braxton and Marshall singing Humpty Dumpty

Daniel pointing out the colours on his T-shirt

After counting an object (e.g. how many drink bottles there were) we had to circle the number on the chalkboard

Astrid showing everyone the items she brought in the share bag