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Hello everyone and welcome back after the long weekend. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their time and are recharged, I know we certainly are in the Kindergarten class. Today we enjoyed a quieter morning in the playground as everyone eased back into the normal routine.

We celebrate science week this week and in celebration we did a magnetic experiment with the class where we tried to predict what would be magnetic,. The children intuitively knew most of the objects but we had some surprises like a metal spoon that wasn’t magnetic and also a glass stone which most of the children thought would be magnetic. It prompted lots of discussions and we talked about how testing and finding out new things is part of science.

Yoga went really well today and the children were very engaged in it. We have been trying some more relaxing sessions lying down and listening to music to help relax our bodies which we think has been beneficial for the children.

In the afternoon we explored some new building materials that Miss Kylie provided and there are such a range of creations to be made so we might show you some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us today, have a lovely evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess