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Welcome to a new week in the Kindergarten class. Today we welcome 13 friends including new friends Daniel and Rikki who start with us today. Everyone was very warm and welcoming to our new friends which is delightful to see considering that kindness and positive relationships is a big focus in the class at the moment.

After some time in the sunshine on bikes, swings and colouring in we went inside for some morning tea. We practiced our days of the week song some more and the class are getting very good at this! We changed the calendar and talked about our topic today which was birthdays. We painted some birthday cakes and put candles on them to represent our age and also put the date and month of our birthdays.

The threading activity was a big hit today with children such as Mace, Marshall and Reid and they have also been trying to tie knots in the string which will lead to skills like tying their own laces. Rikki and Daniel have been settling in exploring all of the new resources on the shelves such as blocks, connectors and matching activities as well as lots of art and craft options.

In the afternoon we have been using the cars to explore concepts such as big and small, fast and slow, counting and colours. We will hopefully head outside in the tree hut to do some more movement and skill games in the afternoon. We are also going to bring in a class focus about respecting resources so that we have a nice tidy classroom and things don’t break. We ask that the children refrain from bringing toys to Kindergarten as well because they have a risk of being broken and cause lots of drama when children tease others or are unwilling to share them.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful Monday and see you again soon.

Miss Jess and Mr Andrew