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Hello Families and welcome back to Monday.

We all hope that you have had a great weekend, the children have enjoyed explaining some things that they got up to on the weekend, from a trip to the Markets to buy apples to watching lots of Netball. The children have enjoyed the weekend.

Today in class we have looked at some number recognition, and the different forms that numbers can take. The children have enjoyed playing number games today and we are working hard on learning our numbers. We have also been able to look at counting clowns and the actual physical value of the number. We have also continued on our blended words and sounds, the children are enjoying learning the different sounds that the letters make.

The children have enjoyed some free painting today with Hayley, Jaxon and Jacob spending time sitting together discussing the colours that they were using. Matthew and Levi have had a great time building train tracks with Jaxon as well. Emily has been making me cups of coffee today which have helped me out a lot today.

We have had a lovely Monday and have enjoyed each others company today, the weather has been a great talking point today as we predict if any clouds will come today. Jaxon even thought he saw a spaceship, we decided that it must of arrived from Jupiter. Sadly he was slightly disappointed when Hayley told him it was a plane.

The children and I hope you have a great evening and we will see you all again tomorrow


Miss Sharon and her Munchkins.

p.s I am sorry there is no photos in the post they wouldn’t upload.