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Welcome back to our blog here at Riversdale. Hopefully everyone had a productive and eventful weekend. Today we enjoyed a little shower in the playground this morning as it rained a little on our friends. Some ran for cover and others enjoyed dancing in the showers.

After a little while we came indoors for group time where we read some stories, sang some songs and talked about our weekends. It is great for confidence and a sense of belonging when we are able to share details about our lives with each other and it strengthens relationships too. Afterwards everyone was quickly into their favourite activities. Connor, Asher and Zander were at the art table making pictures and paintings as well as testing out their cutting and gluing skills. Marlie, Emisyn, Kaylee, India and Willow were role playing in the home corner with the foods and dress ups having a fanciful party. It was great to see them resolving issues between themselves whenever they surfaced and this is an excellent skill to develop heading into prep to be able to handle ourselves in different social situations.

Later in the morning Mr Andrew brought out a cut and gluing activity as an extension to our magnetism experiments last week. We had to cut out pictures of different objects and stick them in the correct column based on whether they would stick to magnets or not. The children remembered lots of the points we raised last week and if they weren’t sure we had the items on hand so that they could test for themselves. This is an important learning process because it is child driven about what they remembered and they are able to see, feel and test the results in their own hands which makes the learning more effective.

Due to the rain we stayed indoors before lunch and read some more stories and all shared our thoughts about what would happen next in the story “Ursala by the sea”. Afterwards we had a little pop quiz to see if they could remember the details and they did very well. Little exercises like this are great for developing comprehension skills and developing the ability to follow a story and it’s themes.

In the afternoon we plan to finish the magnetism worksheet with whoever didn’t get a chance to finish it. We will also create some of our own alphabet flashcards as the children are really enjoying learning their letters and different songs about the alphabet like “ants on the apple”.

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful evening.

P.S remember to sign a permission slip for the “Deadly Australians” animal show if you are here on Thursday and would like your child to attend (there is a small cost that will be added to your accounts)

Mr Andrew and Miss Natalie