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A new month and we are finally in winter! Some of the mornings have been getting a little colder but we have been fortunate to have some great weather in the last few days including today! Today we welcome back Theo who was glad to see his friends, particularly Arlo from the Pre-Kindy class. We began our day outdoors where the most popular activity seemed to be bug hunting. Mace managed to find a colourful caterpillar which everyone followed around the garden and fed lots of leaves. This inspired an idea for some drawing so perhaps tomorrow we will colour our own caterpillars using the very hungry caterpillar video for inspiration.

We came indoors and changed our calendar, there was lots of excitement as we had a new month and a new season to change. Harper and Eva already knew that it was the first day of winter. Talking about the days and calendar has become a natural part of our daily discussions at Kindergarten which is great to hear. To mark the first day of winter we did some painting using our hands as “tree trunks” and fingers to do dots of “snow” all over the trees. The children loved getting messy and creative with this activity and there were lots of different outcomes which was great to see. We discussed how weather can change and Reid said “I wish it would snow here so I could have a snowball fight”.

We went outside just before lunch and used some of our new equipment. The first game was a chasing game where the children had to catch the spinning hoops before they fell. The children used their imagination and said that we had to catch the horses before they fell into the lava. Other skills we practiced were some Tennis hitting and ball catching skills.

After our delicious lunch we settled into some quiet activities such as reading, puzzles and lego. The children particularly love doing helping tasks at this time like sweeping the floor, wiping the tables, washing the windows and scrubbing the art equipment. Tasks like these help develop children’s sense of belonging to the centre and let them know that they are an important part of keeping it clean and tidy.

Thank you everyone for reading our blog today.

Mr Andrew

Daniel did a great job helping to tidy up the classroom today

Braxton is learning how to play connect 4

Washing dishes after meal times has been a success and the children now rememeber to tidy up other things like their drink bottles or sweeping the floor under their seat

Mace found the hairy and colourful caterpillar this morning

The children’s colouring ability is really imporving and we are starting to see some great pictures