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Hello everyone and welcome to the Monday blog for the Kindergarten class.

Today we had 15 children all ready and excited to start their day at Kindergarten. We began our day outdoors exploring all of the physical activities on offer like the slides, swings and climbing obstacles. The children came indoors for morning tea and after group time settled in to some table activities like new construction materials, home corner, puzzles and water play. We also had a few games of Bingo going which the children really enjoyed.

After that we went outside for some active games like “here comes the crocodile” and also some soccer shotouts where we marked down with crosses and ticks whether we scored or not and counted up all our goals at the end. Special shoutout to Astrid who scored every shot. It was so lovely to hear the children saying “you can have another try” when they missed the goal. It showed a real sense of compassion for their friends.

We also had our yoga class today and the children enjoyed posing as lots of different animals and practicing balancing skills with bean bags.

In the afternoon we played some more Bingo and did some more soccer games. Other children enjoyed playing on the bikes and doing other imaginary games with their friends in the playground. Make sure you keep up to date with the Kindergarten menu at let your children know what they are going to eat as they love these discussions at Kindergarten and it helps build positive attitudes towards food.

If you have any learning journals that you have taken home and have finished with if you could please return them that would be awesome.

That’s all for today. Thanks everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess