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Welcome back everyone, hopefully everyone had an amazing weekend! Today we had lots of learning and lots of fun as we followed some of the children’s interests and planned some fun activities for them.

In the morning Eva, Harper and Ellie found another spider in the sandpit. This one was all green with striking black eyes and we collected it in a jar for everyone to look at. We watched some short videos and found out it was a green huntsman spider, we compared the differences to the brown huntsman we found last week.

After our spider exploration we did our group activity for the day which was making our own number posters, we cut out all the animals and glued them on the posters making sure the amount of animals was the number e.g. 5 penguins on number 5. It was great for practicing fine motor skills and independence. Other children enjoyed making some block constructions, drawing pictures or exploring the affirmation cards.

After our indoor activities we went outside for some skill games in the tree house or free play in the shady sandpit. The children enjoyed the games and afterwards asked for some of their favourites!

In the afternoon we plan to so some puppet shows and I spy adventures. So be sure to ask your children how those went.

Thanks for reading our blog today. Enjoy the sunshine!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess