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Welcome to a new week here at Riversdale. After some thunderstorms last night we arrived to a bright and sunny morning. We had our usual favourite activities set up in the playground like the big wooden blocks, obstacles courses, water play with watering cans and buckets and also the outdoor kitchen. The “see-saws” were a big hit and the children tried to balance them by sitting on each side or by standing in the middle themselves. Braxton worked really hard to balance himself and his persistence paid off when he finally managed to balance both sides so that neither touched the ground. Ellie and Eva made a fantastic castle from the wooden blocks, their imagination is very active in these moments as last week it was an ice-cream stall. Narla arrived so happily this morning and her and Genevieve were stuck like glue together this morning doing lots of different activities like riding bikes and exploring the instruments. Mace, Marshall, Xavier and Reid were busy with the wheelbarrows and dump trucks transporting different objects around the playground. Carter thoroughly enjoyed the instruments and making different beats.

We had a picnic again outdoors as the weather was so lovely, it’s great to listen in to all the different conversations from the children at this time, Recalling their morning and talking about their weekends. Astrid arrived al little after that and showed everyone her new school bag with Sesame Street characters on it.

Mr Andrew showed everyone the special item he found in his garden which was an old paper wasp nest. We examined it as a group as we read our insect stories. The children asked lots of interesting questions as we learnt more about insect anatomy, their life style and other facts about insects. Afterwards we did some drawing of different insects which we will display on our wall as part of a new focus on insects again. When these were done we even had a little bug hunt outside but only managed to find a few ants and our big spider friend who was in his corner last week.

In the afternoon we will make some more alphabet flashcards as the children have enjoyed doing little group games with flashcards and it is a fun way to learn our letters and numbers with friends.

Thanks for reading our blog today and we will see you next time.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess