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We welcome all our families to another fun filled week in Kindergarten.

The children have enjoyed a relaxed morning today, we have been able to use our daily timetable in pictures. This will help the children to understand the activities that take place during our day. We have also started to use our day and weather chart as we learn the words for the days of the week, the months and also the numbers that represent the individual days.

Today the children have been able to use chalk as a medium for drawing and creating as we created some pictures on black paper. These pictures supported the children’s creative skills as they drew what they would see in space.

This afternoon the children have been building cubby houses in the classroom. Whilst I write this I am watching as Jaxon and Matthew hide in the cubby house and Hayley is working hard to block them in the cubby. They have used one table, one sheet and every chair we have in the classroom. Watching as the children play and create in a group activity is always a joy.

Have a great Monday


Miss Sharon and her construction team.