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Hello families and welcome to our SPECTACULAR day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

Today has been very eventful with many exciting things happening througout. The children started their morning off by being greeted by Miss TJ before they hoped to the great outdoors to see their friends and teachers. The outdoor environment had so much to offer the wonderful children. There were seaswas, crayon drawing on the easle, chalkboard drawing, connectors and so much more! The monkey bars were a favitoute for our friends Mace and Reid while Ellie and Eva enjoyed building with the small blocks and letting their imagination take off as they played so nicely with the doll house. Harper liked letting her creativity side take off as she drew a lovely picture of her mum!! She was very pleased with the end resuslt. Astrid LOVED sliding down the slide!

After morning tea –

Kindergarten friends all came together on the group time mat inside with Miss Jess and Miss Gabi. Miss Jess went through a slideshow about Oceania – World Geography. In this slideshow the children learnt about Australia, where it is located in the world. The children also learnt how to identify where Queensland is located. Afterwards our friends coloured in each different State of Australia all coloured coded. They all really enjoyed this and they love learning about new things! It is so wonderful to see how involved and engaged learners that they are.

Throughout the day the children did a variety of fun activities such as craft time with Mr Andrew!!! They all participated in either gluing, painting, using leaves glitter and sequences to make the words Riversdale and Kindergarten. They all really liked doing this and enjoyed using their creative minds. There was Lego fun, problem solving with the puzzles, exploring conversational reading and so many other joyful things.

This afternoon all children were all so eager to head outside for a whirl of fun and joy, playing and adventuring with their friends.
What an awesome day it has been and thankyou Kindergarten.
See you all soon.
Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.