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Wow it’s the last day of August and how quickly that month has flown by. There have been lots of different events at the centre and it is a very busy time. We have been putting a little more focus on school readiness for some of our children by practicing things like looking after our belongings and writing our own names.

The children did very well at practicing their pencil grip and writing our their names. We did lots of name games today too like rhyming words with our names, recognizing them on the big whiteboard and sounding out the initial letters of our names. Harper and Braxton explored this a little more on the big whiteboard.

Other activities we enjoyed today included:

  • Rikki’s share bag – she brought along some special stones and a big crystal, they were special to her because Dad got them for her at Tambourine mountain
  • Yoga session with Miss Hailey
  • Construction activities – making houses from dominoes, wooden blocks, lego
  • Sports games in the aftershcool playground – badminton, soccer, basketball
  • Bingo – using numbers 0-20

In the afternoon we are going to practice some painting and scissor cutting skills to make some lovely flower bouquets to display in the foyer.

That’s all from us today, have a great afternoon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess