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Welcome to a new week here in the Kindergarten class, we hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

Today we had a very busy class and lots of different activities happening so let us share with you.

In the morning we had lots of different imaginary play going on. Astrid, Reid, Xavier and Marshall were using the skipping ropes to play rescue missions and help each other get up the big green hill. Others were already into the outdoor kitchen and water play and made some interesting structures and meals.

As we came in for morning tea and then group time we sat in a circle and shared what we did on the weekend. Their were a range of responses from playing with parents and siblings to riding horses. It was great to hear everyone get a chance to speak and all of their friends patiently listening to their stories. Afterwards we talked about our calendar, change of the month and we read an Aboriginal story called Dirrangun. The children remembered some of the details from last time and we are hoping to extend on this story tomorrow for Aboriginal and Torres Strait island children’s day.

We also had our yoga sessions which the children are getting better at copying the actions and engaging in the exercises.

Other popular activities were flag drawing/painting which was a continuation of our artwork that we did last Floral Friday. We also did some counting and learnt about “tally marks” and how to use them to record the number of something.

In the afternoon we are planning to do some “Carnival games” like bowling, ring toss and some estimating games where the children can try and earn some “tickets” that they can spend on some small prizes next week. We will do the games all week so that all of the children get a chance to win some tickets.

If you still have any of your children’s Learning Journals that you took home after parent-educator meetings if you could please bring these back that would be awesome. Feel free to bring any resources or contribute to our Aboriginal/Torres strait island day tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess