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Hello and welcome to the Kindergarten blog today. We have been working hard to provide lots of new challenges and experiences for the children this week so let us show you what we did today!

In the morning we had games like bowling and basketball for the children to challenge their gross motor skills. Henry, Genevieve and Astrid particularly enjoyed the bowling and we learnt about a “strike” and a “spare”. Genevieve managed to get a strike on the first bowl so we decided to extend the lane and make it a bit harder. Astrid said it was just like the bowling at timezone.

Braxton and Mace have been enjoying being in charge of the swing and taking “passengers” on and off their plane. They are developing their gross motor skills by pushing the big group and also their verbal language skills by pretending to be pilots and tour guides and talking about where they are going. I have been impressed by the Kindergarten children developing their leaderships skills and being in charge of activities but at the same time ensuring games are fair for everyone.

After coming indoors we did our planned activities for the day which included building “Newton discs” and doing other optical illusions. The Newton discs were a hit and Charlotte, Henry, Ellie and Theo loved making them and trying to get them to spin as fast as the could. The discs are coloured rainbow style but when spun really quickly they turn white. We talked about how light works and why rainbows appear and the children were fascinated. Other activities we did included doing a water illusion to change the direction of an arrow on a piece of paper and looking at some wacky illusions on the computer that looked like they were moving but were actually just pictures.

We also made a card for Miss Jess’ birthday tomorrow. The children all practiced signing their name and adding colourful illustrations. We are very lucky to have such a kind and caring teacher with us in the Kindergarten class.

In the afternoon we will do some more cutting and gluing activities as the children have really enjoyed doing work with scissors and glue and have made some wonderful creations.

That’s all for today thanks for joining us. Be sure to check out our new programme template at the entrance to the foyer and also add any feedback or comments about what you have noticed or would like to see at Kindergarten. Also don’t forget to sign up for an educator meeting this week if you haven’t already we would love to hear more from you about your wonderful children.

Enjoy your evening! Mr Andrew and Miss Jess