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Happy Monday♥

Hello families and welcome to our Monday here in the Kindergarten room.

Today has been an off and on rainy day but that has not stopped us from having fun and learning many things!

This morning we started the day off by doing group time which consisted of our roll call, calendar and reading a Christmas book! Before the children transitioned to morning tea Mr Andrew got the big white board out ready for the children to spell their names before moving on! They all did really well and had some assisted help.

After morning tea all children self selected activities of their choice from the shelves. The popular ones today have been checkers game, puzzles, stamps, building with the lego and making awesome mazes with the small dominos!!!! So much concentration skills have been enhanced throughout the variety of activity chosen. Home corner and role playing doctors has been a hit too with the children as they explore their great imagination!!

Miss Jess got out her creative side as she did some Christmas face painting throughout the day as we get closer to Christmas a lot more Christmas festivities will be happening!! Christmas art was done today too as the children used cookie Christmas cutters to paint with THEY LOVED THIS!

Before lunch Mr Andrew took two groups outside in the tree house to let them use their energy that they have been waiting to burst out! The game was called “The Grinch” game. The children had to put the lights (balls) on the Christmas trees (cones) before the ‘Grinch’ took them away. This fun activity had the children moving and using their balancing and coordination skills to work together as a team.

This afternoon depending on the weather we may or may not go outside BUT we will all have a blissful afternoon most definitely.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today,

See you all very soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.