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Welcome to a new day in the Kindergarten class. Today was a pleasant morning with no breeze and some lovely sunshine to warm us up as we played outdoors. Popular activities this morning were racket and ball games, water play by the pump and we even did some rock climbing races. After coming inside Miss Jess read a new story about bikes that prompted lots of different discussions about what the children had at home to play with. Reading times have become awesome share sessions for the children and I have been impressed with the children’s developing verbal language skills and confidence to be able to speak in front of their peers.

The children have enjoyed doing lots of singing activities lately so I thought we would make some new props as a class so that they can initiate these activities themselves when they like. The children helped colour in some pictures for some different songs including baa baa black sheep, 5 cupcakes in the bakers shop and also 5 speckled frogs. We sang them together at group time and coloured in the pictures. Afterwards we will laminate them so they can sing the songs to each other in the class or use them during group times. We are trying to provide a wide range of different activities in the class so that the children can choose what interests them but they can also get exposure to different types skills and learning.

For our sport and movement session today we played “sticky hands”, a basketball shooting game and the “cave game”. The children loved all of the games and respond really quickly to the commands during sticky hands. Games like these help children to learn to follow instructions and wait their turn in a fun manner. They also help develop positive relationships when the children cheer each other on or help each other with the games.

In the afternoon we had some free choice activities. The children chose a wide range of activities like painting, home corner activities, block constructions and a magnetic fishing game which has become very popular. Hopefully we can get outdoors again in the afternoon but if not we will probably have lots of music and teamwork games indoors.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy the rest of your day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.

Genevieve doing a rock climbing race

Genevieve, Marshall and Xavier doing a number memory game