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Monday fun day in the Kindergarten room!

Today has been a very exciting day with Miss Emma returning after her time away in New Zealand. Seeing the children light up when they saw Miss Emma (spoiler alert that we all saw coming!) was defiantly one main highlights of the day!

Starting the day we played outside, exploring the endless bounds of our imaginations. Playing hide and go seek, pretending to be at the beach, ride bikes in friendly low speed pursuits, getting creative with water paints and building entire cities with sand!

Moving indoors it was time for morning tea. Fruit loaf with refreshing rockmelon, blue berries, kiwi fruit and banana. Delicious! After clearing our plates and tables we stacked our chairs and made our way over to the group mat to re group and catch up on the weekend that was. We also had some special show and tell time today. Layla brought in some beautiful family Christmas photos from this year as well as last year’s photos and it was amazing to see how much Layla has grown over the past year! Elliott brought in a super cool festive gingerbread house for the class to build together! We are all very excited to start putting it together this week! Thank you Elliott! We also took a moment to see if we could find our cheeky resident elf Froggy. Today we found him hiding on our grass wall. Froggy is a funny little Elf!

Now with our daily group time completed our first indoor activity was of course Christmas related working together as a class to make a Christmas tree made entirely of cutout hand prints of each of our classmates. With our hand print Christmas finished and mounted on the wall for the work to see. We once again re grouped on the group mat to sing songs, story time and dance with our friends!

Getting intouch with our inner zen, it was time for our weekly yoga and meditation. This was so relaxing that even some of our friends feel asleep during the session.

Lunch time and today was beef nachos day. This was certainly a class hit! With our tummy’s full we returned once again to find our inner zen with our afternoon quite time. Reading books, making special Christmas crafts while some of our friends slept.

As our sleepy friends reunited with the group we worked together to re organise our room. This kept us very involved and engaged with the task at hand. It was great to see such a great class spirt and the eagerness to work together as a class to unite in a common goal.

With our room looking amazing once again it was time for afternoon tea. But not before Miss Emma handed out some special gifts she brought back for the class! Thank you Miss Emma! We love our Little Kiwi’s!

After a quick refuel and the weather being in our favor we ventured back out side to run around and play to our hearts content for the remainder of the afternoon. We love the playground here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre!

We had a wonderful day today in the Kindergarten room!