Jingeri, welcome everyone to our week here at Kindergarten. This week we are celebrating National Aboriginals and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week where the current focus this year is “Always has, Always will be”. During the day we discussed what this might mean and we talked about how people settled the lands before many of our other families arrived here. We then talked about different ways of telling stories like drawing pictures with paint or sands. We used a big aboriginal symbols chart and drew our own pictures on paper and also in the sand to try and tell our own story.

Drwing was definitely a theme for the day as the children did some other free choice drawings later with Miss Simona and we had some small yarn circles about what we drew.

If any of our families would like to contribute something to this year’s NAIDOC week then please feel free to approach Miss Emma, Mr Andrew or Miss Jess with your ideas. We would love to hear your input.

Later in the morning we had Miss Hailey arrived to do some relaxing yoga. The children know some of the regular songs so well and can do all the moves in perfect sync with the songs but we also did some new experiences where we had to close our eyes and picture things that make us “unique” which was the theme of the session.

In the afternoon we had some more free choice activities and some music time before we head up to the double slide playground where we will have some water play, drawing activities and teamwork games for our sport and movement session today.

Thanks for joining us today. Don’t forget to RSVP to graduation by this Friday by writing your names on the RSVP list in the foyer near the communication books or letting Miss Jess or Mr Andrew know.

Thank you for reading our blog today and see you again soon

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess