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Good Afternoon to families of Kindy One.

Welcome to the blog for Tuesday. This morning we had enjoyed exploring the yard as we had enjoyed playing tag with our friends, swinging on the swing and monkey bars. We had also enjoyed exploring the sandpit as we had seen lots of small shells throughout the sandpit. This was fun as some of the children enjoyed comparing shapes with all the different shells they had found. Before we knew it was time to head inside to complete the roll and check the calendar for the day. Whist on the mat we also completed some counting as we played a games called jellyfish counting. All the children were engaged throughout this activity, there were many hands up ready to answer.

We then moved onto completing some activities with Miss Jess including some “stained-glass” style paintings where the children had to use a ruler to draw lines through a rectangle and then use the water colour paints to fill in each section a different colour. The results were amazing and the children showed great concentration and persistence to complete their artworks.

Mr Andrew also set up some alphabet games on the whiteboard where the children had to stick the correct picture underneath the correct letter by sounding out the pictures and if they couldn’t do that they could peek on the back to see if the letters looked the same.

The most popular activity for the day was our team noughts and crosses game. The children worked together to take one turn each to place their piece on the grid and then high-5 the next teammate for them to have a turn. The children had to be quick on their feet and with their minds to be the first team to connect 3 symbols in a row. This game was played by lots of different children and teams throughout the morning.

Outdoors we practiced some ball games and got back into the sandpit to explore the deep depths as the sand has been a bit lower recently. Others went to Mr Trevor’s tennis class to practice more skills relating to quick step movements, catching a ball

In the afternoon we plan to play some more group games and also complete our sport and movement session with some which is tennis today! Thanks for joining us and reading our blog today we hope you enjoyed.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess