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Good Afternoon families and welcome to Friday’s blog.

A wonderful start to end the week we had enjoyed exploring outside with all our friends. Most of us had enjoyed playing tag, swinging/ pushing our friends on the swing and making tall sandcastles with our friends whilst in the yard. Before we knew it was time to head inside to complete the roll call and the calendar for the day.  Everyone was engaged and excited for the calendar but also excited to hear the story of The Farmer a small group of children had made yesterday. We had read page by page and everyone was intrigued with how the Farmer would find the money to feed his cow. After the story everyone had question based upon the Farmer. This was wonderful communication from all our friends and a big thank you for our fellow peers who had made the story of The Farmer. This afternoon we hope to read the other story the second group had made yesterday which was about a Monster. I wonder what happens in that story?

After filling our tummies it was time to head to some activities which the children loved! We had enjoyed construction play with magnets and marble track, and the lego. It was wonderful to see all the children making fantastic creations with the magnets and marble tracks. As a group of children had build their own track full of tunnels and had to get the marble from one end to the other. This was fun to see all the twist and turns and how fast the marble had traveled through the tunnels. We had also seen spaceships and houses made out of the lego with was fantastic. Some of the children had used their imagination and played with each of the creation together. A group of children had also completed some counting with Mr. Andrew. They had also tried to subtract and multiple some of the numbers together.  Everyone gave it a go and enjoyed the activity with Mr. Andrews. This activity is wonderful to cognitive development for the children.

For outdoor play today we had enjoyed a bean bag throwing game with some of the children outside today. The group of children had to throw the same coloured bean bag into the same colour hoop. This was working on the children under and over arm skills, also gaining more physical development through their muscle movement.

This afternoon we hope the rain holds out so we can explore the yard further and also complete a comp as the children have to find the yoga poses around the yard and complete them all before the other team does. If we are unable to go outside we will be completing some wonderful games and activities inside the room.

We would like to remind families of Pajama Day on Monday the 19th of July 2021, feel free to bring a gold coin donation for thed Pajama Foundation . We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with their love ones.

Mr. Andrew and Miss Jess