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Welcome to Kindy One families and friends.

Welcome to a new week and a wonderful week full of fun activities and experiments. Today we set up plenty of water play, colour mixing experiments, playdough making which the children enjoyed exploring freely to make their own playdough and coloured water. Activities like this help develop practical life skills like scooping, pouring, mixing and cleaning.

Other activities we enjoyed this morning included making posters of our weekend with Miss Jess. We practiced describing events and putting them on paper to tell a story improving verbal language skills as well as fine motor skills to hold a pencil and draw our pictures. Being able to retell a story is a great skill to learn as it tests memory, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Another interesting question that came up last week was “How does that girl hold things on her head?” when Handa was balancing the basket of fruit in the story. We watched some videos of people carrying things on their heads and tried it ourselves with the foam domino blocks. Even 1 domino was tricky but some of the children managed 3 and 4 blocks. This activity was great for balancing and gross motor skills and it was lots of fun to try and balance as many as we could before they fell over!

We went outdoors again before lunch to have some free play and explore the playground and soon after Miss Hailey arrived to take us for a yoga session. The children were excited to see her back after the holidays and practice mindfulness as well as grooving to some of her fun songs.

In the afternoon we plan to settle into some quiet activities like books and puzzles, the children have enjoyed having reading sessions in small groups as they are able to discuss more things that they see and ask more questions. Quiet time is a great time for relaxing and building closer relationships as we encourage children to find an activity for themselves or to play in small groups.

We plan to finish off the day with some soccer in the Kindy 2 yard where we will do face painting and set up a big field for the children.

Thanks for joining us today and have a great afternoon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess