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Good Afternoon family and friends of Kindy One,

Welcome to Thursday’s blog. Today the children had enjoyed exploring the yard with all the children in the centre. Whilst outside the children enjoyed riding the bikes around the bike track, pushing their friends on the swing, playing games with Mr Andrew and exploring the sandpit which was lots of fun. We then went inside to complete the roll and calendar for the day. Many children were excited to complete the calendar as they told Mr Andrew the day, month, date, season, and weather of the day. During group time we also had enjoyed listening to some children had presented their show and tell for the day. Many interesting question, about the show and tell objects. Thank you so much for sharing with your friends Kindy One.

We then enjoyed some delicious pumpkin, chia and apple waffles with some banana and blueberry’s. This was so yummy, as many children had finished the plate full of waffles. After having morning tea we had extended on a story we had read yesterday afternoon which was When I Grow Up… which we then had the children draw what they want to be when they grow up and how exciting to hear and see all the children’s ideas. It looks like we have many firefighters and Ninja’s when they grow up. We can’t wait to display this tomorrow in the foyer. We will continue to complete these next week as many children had conversations based around what they want to be when they grow up. We had also painted some egg carton’s red for Red Nose Day which is tomorrow. Red Nose Day is a campaign with a mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Some other activities children had enjoyed were marble run, home corner, Lego, free drawing and puzzles.

Afterwards we adventured outside and did some juggling and throwing. Many children had practiced throwing two balls up into the air and trying to catch each one in their hands. We had started off low and moving higher and higher. We encouraged and helped one another through this activity.¬†During quiet time we had enjoyed reading the story Best Friends and the children had laid down and closed their eyes and used they’re visual imagination to picture the story. Many children found this time to focus on their breathing and calm their minds after a big day, we also reflected in the day during this time.

We would like to remind families tomorrow is Red Noise Day and we hope everyone wears Red!

Much Love Mr Andrew and Miss Jess