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Good Afternoon families and friends of Kindy One.

Welcome to the blog for Thursday. What a wonderful day it has been with all our friends today. This morning while outside we enjoyed engaging with our friends, as we played in the sandpit building sandcastles, swinging on the monkey bars, and having a dance party in the tree house due to the wet weather we had. it was time to head inside and complete roll call and complete the calendar. While completing the calendar all the children were engaged and excited to update the day, date, month, season and weather of the day. we had also read a book which everyone loved which was My Awesome Jungle Book, which had fun facts about animals. Before moving to have morning tea we had celebrated a special day today which is Chihiro’s Birthday. Everyone had sung the Happy Birthday and then clapped 5 times and one for good luck ad she is celebrating her 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Chihiro!

We had then enjoyed some activities around the room which many children were engaged which include:

  • Home Corner
  • Doggy Doggy where’s My Bone?
  • Torres Strait Islander Flag painting
  • Cutting and Colouring free drawing
  • Sign language colouring

May of the children throughout these activities had enjoyed moving around the room and finding an activity that had seemed interesting to them and once they completed the activity they moved onto the next when they were ready. While completing some of these activities such as colouring and cutting this allowed the children to further their skill in fine motor. Also many children loved exploring home corner and building friendships as well as role play and imagination play throughout home corner, which encouraged others the join in on the fun.

It was then time for some outdoor play which everyone had enjoyed and excited for the game which was rob the nest. The children have red, green, yellow and blue holler-hoops. The children have 1 minute to place all the correct coloured balls in the right hoop. The children loved this game, as they were screaming of excitement and running around. The children had loved playing this game as it builds of the children physical development. However it also allows the children to focus of their colours as they had to place the right ball into the right hoop.

We hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon we can’t waiting to see what tomorrow will bring.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess