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Welcome families to our sunny Thursday♥

What a beautiful day it has been and I look forward to sharing with you what we got up to!

This morning we slipped, slopped and slapped sunscreen on, grabbed our hats and headed outside in the fresh morning air to make the most of the morning before it gets too hot!

When we came inside we had group time, spoke about what we would be doing throughout the day, our friends helped do the calendar and we made sure everyone was accounted for by doing the roll.

Throughout the day we explored a variety of activities such as expanding on the story called “How the birds got their colours” the children were able to use great cutting skills as they cut up colourful paper before gluing them onto their birds to make them as colourful as can be. Throughout the day children were able to explore fine motor skills as they threaded carefully with the ropes and beads, building awesome creations with the Lego as well as the connectors and so much more! At the moment some of the children have been LOVING imaginary play especially in home corner, it is so heart warming to see how they role play with their friends. Imaginary play enhances greatly on their social skills, communication skills and a lot MORE!

Our friends were also able to put their quick thinking skills as they did martial arts with Mr Dan and explored colour sport games in the tree house with Miss Jade. When we came inside Coen was very excited to show us the snake skin that his mum found!!! All children were so intrigued by this and sparked many conversations!

This afternoon we all read a story with Miss Jess before while we waited for our sunscreen to set in.

We all had a whirl of fun and adventure this afternoon, thank you Kindergarten for the day.

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Mr Andrew and Miss Jade xx