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Welcome to the end of our short week. Hopefully everyone has some exciting things planned for the weekend.

Tomorrow is Red Nose Day so and lots of children dressed up in red for the occasion, we painted our noses and talked about how important it is to look after the youngest and most vulnerable children to protect them from getting hurt.

Today we started off our morning outdoors with ball games, bikes and sandpit play. We came indoors and had an awesome group time with our usual activities like the calendar and discussing our weeks. We have been desperately missing some playdough the last couple of weeks and the children have been asking so we made some new pink playdough. The children love opportunities to mix ingredients and get stuck in and after it was ready it was very popular all day.

We also drew some self-portraits to continue our theme of exploring genetics. The children did well to use a mirror and colour in their facial features. It was a very fun exercise!

In the afternoon we did lots of singing activities and are looking to get some new resources in the classroom to refresh the children’s interest in the shelf activities.

Thanks for joining us today and have an awesome weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess