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Hello families and friends of the Kindergarten classroom and welcome to our Thursday blog.

We began the day outdoors where Mr Andrew saw Eva and Harper lining up the baby dolls for their “school lesson” which they were going to teach. It’s great to see that Eva takes inspiration from mum and her play reflects what she sees in her daily life.

Today we had some big changes in the classroom and we are excited to share them with you. Mr Andrew added an “active corner” for the children who still like to expend lots of energy despite being indoors. It included a basketball hoop and game of quoits. These games are ideal for the children because they can regulate it themselves and make it easier or harder depending on how far away they stand. Every week we hope to rotate the games so that children get exposure to lots of different physical skills and next week we might do bowling.

As we have been missing Mrs A’s art classes we have decided to try and bring in some more dedicated art time where the children make their creations together and they can compare and discuss. Its’s great to get inspiration from each other and often the children think of doing things in ways that teachers don’t even think of. Yesterday we did our aboriginal dot painting and today we did some “Mondrian” style pictures. We coloured the squares different colours and we will extend on this art activity by gluing coloured rectangle pieces of paper together to make similar style pictures. The last step of the art extension will be to free paint our own shapes and see what the children come up with without the templates. By guiding children with an initial template it can help solidify different patterns and themes about what art can look like and from there they can explore their own ideas.

We also brought in some new more complex puzzles that Mace absolutely loved. I have been impressed with his concentration for many of the activities at the moment and you can see his mind absorbing lots of information. Other activities that were popular included the “bookstore” that Henry, Eva and Harper set up using the cash register and some books. We have been trying to expand our library so if any families have books they are not using anymore that they think this age group would like then we would love to have them. Particularly non-fiction style books as we have some curious minds that would love to explore the wider world.

Thank you for your attention and enjoy your evening.

Naturally, Ellie has found the kitchen and is making some yummy cakes

Sonni watering the plants and learning about how plants grow towards the sun. We also talked about what plants need to survive

Mace did every single new puzzle we put on the shelf today. I waz impressed with his focus and persistance

Ellie and Eva testing out our new “Active corner”

Colouring our Mondrian pictures

Wyatt has been expanding his interest in more activities around the classroom. He loves talking about the calendar and the birthday chart we have in the class. He is often the one who initiates the “tummy-ache” game with others