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Hello friends and families of the Kindergarten class. The children had a magnificent time today with the fun activities we had planned and the visitors we had.

We had Mr Dan from Arakan Martial Arts returning today and the children enjoyed themselves while testing their strength and reflexes. His sessions are always filled with lots of laughter which is what the children love the most.

Our reading session was filled with lots of laughter as well as the children made some amusing observations about a clownfish and his friends as they went on a journey. We learnt about some odd creatures including a cowfish and a pineapple fish.

The planned activity for the day was to make some streamers from crepe paper, glue, cardboard tubes and sticky tape. The children did well to cut out strips and glue them together with a handle to make some wonderful streamers. Sometimes it is the journey more than the destination and some children just enjoyed cutting the strips and gluing them together.

In the afternoon we had an indoor outdoor flow where children could choose between stories, puzzles and shelf activities indoors or painting, card games and water play outdoors.

That’s all for today and hopefully you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed playing.

Mr Andrew and Miss Manuela