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Welcome to Thursday, we have had another fun filled day today and I have even managed to load some photos today. Today Mr Dan has visited us and the children have been able to participate in one of their favourite activities Arakan. They have also enjoyed some spray bottle painting with Miss Gabi creating some masterpieces for our new walls.

This afternoon has seen the children playing schools with their backpacks on and a train made in the classroom for them to travel off to school. They told me that they needed to travel along way to get to school.

This afternoon we will enjoy a fun afternoon in the garden exploring the playground and riding the bikes around the garden.

We have continued our exploration all about the body and today we have focused on skeletons. The children have requested to follow the body and discover all the bones in our Bobby Bones, we found a puzzle to help us explore how our body goes together. The children were able to work together to make the skeleton work. This showed that the children are developing the skills necessary to problem solve on a group level.