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Hey hey its Thursday!

Being such a beautiful morning today Kindergarten and all our centre friends started the morning with some fun outdoor activities including making playdough, riding bikes, making sand cupcakes and creative outdoor reading.

Following our fun morning playing outside, it was time for morning tea! Onced, refueled with belly’s full it was time to play our very own Kindy version of “The Block”. As a class students where all to offer ideas on how we can remodel/redesign our class room. As a team, we began drafting up a concept floorplan. Once the floorplan had been drafted and approved by all the students it was time to “break ground” and start putting the plan into action working in designated teams assigned to specific areas!

With stage 2 of the class room redesign complete, it was time to set back outside to test our martial arts skills with our weekly Arakan lesson focusing on coordination, agility and reaction times.

Lunch time!

After lunch it was time for our afternoon relaxation/mediation/sleep time with quite activities set out for the children to participate in from reading, building blocks and puzzles.

Stage 3 of our student guided classroom redesign will be to reflect on the practicality/functionality of the end result of stage 1 and 2 then to offer feedback/solutions should any changes need to made.

This afternoon the children have been busy exploring their new environment. The block area has been particularly popular with lots of Lego construction, and block play. The children also decided that they would like to get creative initiating a painting experience with a sprinkle of glitter.

Great work today everyone.

Mr Ginner and Miss Emma