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Happy Thursday everyone! Our new friend Annie started today in the Kindergarten room. Welcome Annie, we are so excited to get to know you!

This morning we had group time with Miss Danna where we discussed “when do we need to wash our hands?”,Hamilton said “after we have gone to toilet”, Wynter said “When we go to the toilet” Layla said “After we play”, Emily said “Before we eat something” and Liam said “After we go to the toilet”. We then discussed what we would like to do today, a few of us suggested home corner, some of us said construction, puzzles, and paint as well. We then took a vote on what we should name our new teddy bear. Out of the names; Bumble Bee, Victor, Fred, Hungry Jacks, or Tinkerbells; Hungry Jacks received the most votes, so welcome ‘Hungry Jacks’ to the Kindergarten room!


We then moved off for some table and floor activities, some of the activities today were; painting in the trays with a paint sponge, writing the letters we chose from the basket, 3D paper artworks using paper and sticky tape to create artwork that popped out from the paper, and a “can you build a bridge for the animals” activity using plastic cups and icy pole sticks to build a bridge.


After this we had Arakan, and had a biiiiiiiiig play outside before lunch, which we all ate so well and filled our bellies all up.

We hope you had a fantastic day just like ours, see you all tomorrow!

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah.