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Hello families and welcome to Teethe Thursday

Today the children have been able to enjoy a visiting show that has helped us to understand the best way to care for our teeth. Hamilton was lucky enough to be chosen as the Dentist called Sharkie, he had a great time helping the children to understand how important it was to take good care of our teeth. Layla and Levii were also chosen to be part of the show, they were both Clown fish and Layla loved shaking her little tail fin. Some of the children were also involved in helping the whale to brush her teeth later in the show. The Kindergarten children had a great time and it was lovely to see them engage and support their younger friends as they visited Kindergarten.

We have also completed some teeth craft activities today using floss, we have discussed how important it is to floss our teeth and keep them clean. This activity was enjoyed by all.

We have also looked as some letters today of the alphabet and sang Itsy Bitsy Spider together, we are getting better at the actions every time we sing this song.

This afternoon we will discuss our next project that we will explore together as the Human body and Space have concluded. If there is a topic you would like us to explore please let us know.


Miss Sharon, Miss Sarah and the Mighty Teeth Brushers