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Welcome families and friends to our Thursday blog we have plenty to share with you today.

We began our day in the sunny outdoors mixing with the other Kindergarten classes. Slowly we are growing in numbers again which is great to see and many newer friendships are forming during this time we are together. I have been impressed with the way the Kindergarten children have been looking after the younger children like Mariah with Latika or Eva with Kaylee.

We all gathered together for story time today which was Little Red Riding Hood. The moral of this story was not to talk to someone you don’t know unless mum or dad say it’s ok. The children loved trying to guess what would happen next in the story and I love their creative ideas. Hopefully they remember all of these great ideas when we come to writing and illustrating our own fairytale stories at the end of this topic.

We continued some more ANZAC activities by finding some stories online and short videos about why ANZAC day is important. We even made some ANZAC biscuits as a class which was a very enjoyable endeavour. They didn’t look quite right after coming out of the oven but according to the children they were delicious. Anyway, it is the process that is more important for these types of activities. The children learnt important concepts like following a recipe, how to measuring ingredients and they also practiced their fine motor skills by pouring and mixing the ingredients themselves.

When we came into our new room I was happy to hear some awesome comments like “this room is so beautiful” and “I think I’m going to like this room”. However I noticed the children were a bit off today perhaps the change in room has unsettled a few of them so I ask parents to try and comfort your children around this and promote it as the exciting change that it is. Remind them about the expectations we have for them which is to be kind to your friends and respect the classroom and their teachers.

Thank you for a great day and see you again soon.