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A big welcome from the Kindergarten class on this bright and sunny day. Today we had a wonderful day filled with great imagination and initiative from the children so let us share with you what we did.

In the morning one of the children tipped some sand in our stoney creek and another said “we can’t do that it will block the drain” and started cleaning it, this lead to lots of children joining in the clean up effort. It was great to see them caring for their environment and thinking about other wildlife like birds or other ocean creatures.

Afterwards we came indoors and had a group time with stories and songs and talked about what activities we would do today. We painted some aboriginal symbols to go with our map of Australia and quotes about why we love our country.

Outdoors we had some awesome child led experiences like some music up on the big grassy hill. We each took turns to choose songs to sing and play along to the beat. The games on the hill continued as we then began to rescue our friends using the big blue mat. Lots of teamwork was required to get our friends to the top. We pretended to be police and firefighters to help rescue our friends.

After lunch the children have been excited to be the “special helpers” so the y can sweep the floors, wipe the tables and put the chairs away after lunch. In the afternoon we plan to get some more outdoor time to finish our aboriginal symbol paintings and do some more active games and water play.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

cleaning the creek from sand and bark

Helping rescue our friends and get them to the top of the hill

our music session on the hill

painting our aboriginal symbol art

Arakan with Mr Dan

Helping clean the class after lunch

Lots of number games – sorting the fish into the right numbers