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Hello families and friends and welcome to our journey in the Kindergarten room.

Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome 16 Rockstar friends to join us in the journey of fun on this wonderful Thursday.

Firstly Mr Andrew and Miss Jess would like to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SUPERSTAR FRIEND CALLED CHARLOTTE!! We hope you have had a wonderful birthday spent here at kindy with all your friends and teachers. Mr Andrew made a playdough cake this morning, added some candles and all children sat in a circle singing happy birthday to our dear friend. We also got a tasty treat as Charlottes dad bought in some amazing cupcakes for Charlotte and all friends to enjoy as they celebrated her special day of her turning the BIG 4!!

All children enjoyed their morning adventure outside with all their friends and teachers. Some liked driving around on the bikes as the use their strong legs to push the pedal to the metal as they zoom on by. The sandpit is always a lot of fun as they make awesome sandcastles, play with the BIG dump trucks and so much more. Water play was a favourite by a few as it was the perfect way to cool off as it was very sticky and muggy this morning. They enjoyed pouring the water, stirring it, swooshing it around with their hands and playing with the animals in it too. Block building was cool as children made massive ramps for the cars to go down and they were so happy to see what they built worked for the result they wanted.

Soon enough it was time to get ready to head inside BUT before we went inside we need to do a role check to assure everyone is accounted for. On their way inside, they washed their hands, grabbed their drink bottles and headed for the table to enjoy morning tea.

After morning tea it was time for group time with Mr Andrew. In todays group time Mr Andrew asked for help to change the calendar as its a new day. We sang the days of the week song and talked about what we would get up to in the room. When group time had finished, children took the inactive to self-select what activities they would like to do.

Charlotte, Harper and Evelyn liked exploring home corner with their friends. Harper liked dressing up as red riding hood. Harper and Charlotte helped care for the baby called Bella as they sang songs, fed her and made sure she was comforted. Evelyn was happily cooking away tasty treats for all to enjoy. Playdough fun was had by our friends Charlie, Evelyn, Sonni, Mariah, Ellie and Myah. They all manipulated the playdough into their own creations! They liked squishing it, ripping it and rolling it around. Henry, Lily, Wyatt, Xavier and Coen all had an awesome time building a house and so many other cool things with the lego as they help each other to reach their end result, such great teamwork. Marshall, Emmett, Braxton and Xavier sat down with Mr Andrew to circle what animals lay eggs and they all did an amazing job at remembering! We also started doing story books that are made by the children, using their own words to narrate the story of whatever they wanted it to be about. I look forward to showing you all once they are finished.

Children explored other fun activities of their choice that sparked their interest throughout the morning in the room. Mr Daniel came and did Arakan before lunch and all children had an awesome time up in the tree house showing how quick their reflexes are, how far they can chuck the bone back to Mr Daniel an how hard they could punch. Children came inside soon after and they were all ready for some lunch before having quiet time to recharge for this afternoon.

Children spent the afternoon inside as it was raining, we all still had a great time and lots of laughter and joy was shared with everyone.

Thankyou Kindergarten friends for today and see you all soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.