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Welcome to Thursday in the Kindergarten room!

Today we started our day with a plethora of activities out side including monster dump trucks in the sandpit, an obstacle course, bikes to ride, colouring in, farm animals to play with an outdoor home corner and so much more!

After a massive play outside we came in for some morning tea. Today’s menu, watermelon and apple fritters!

With our belly’s full we quickly cleanup up after our morning tea and made our way to the group mat for group time. Today Miss Emma Read us “The little mermaid” while actives where setup around the room. Today we made playdough, painted Christmas trees with our hands, build empires with building blocks, played dress ups and had a disco with Mr G. We even got to do some Arakan with Mr Dan!

Lunch time! time to refuel and unwind. After lunch time it was time to get some down time. While some of our friends had a nap, the rest of us participated in some quite activities such as reading. As our sleeping friends rejoined the group after their nap we started to bring our more activities to play with, create and explore.

With everyone rested and after packing away, it was back out side for some afternoon outdoor play. After a short run around outside we all came together on the outdoor group matt for some afternoon tea snacks before venturing back out into the playground to unleash our remaining energy and let our imagitions run wild as we create and explore the wonderous playground with our friends.

What a wonderful day it has been!