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Happy Thursday everyone!

Today the children were all smiles as they were greeting their friends and teachers. It has been great to see so many close friendships forming at this time of the day. The activities on offer were some outdoor kitchen experiences, colouring, reading and racquet sports as well as lots of imaginary play which the children enjoy most of all at Kindergarten.

Today we continued our focus on food and looked at a couple of videos about how bread was made and also how cheese was made. The children were fascinated and asked lots of questions. Emmett said he had seen cheese being made before, they spin the milk around and mix it up. We even looked at some

Outside we played a “germ game” where one person was the germ and they had to tag the others who would then have to link hands with them. This would continue until all the children were caught. It was entertaining to see the children racing around and crashing into each other. They had to try and cooperate to get everyone and it was very difficult but fun at the same time. We extended this by introducing a “doctor” who could give sick people medicine and save them so they could keep running around.

Other activities we enjoyed included using stickers and glue to make our names and birthdays. The children love doing activities that relate to themselves and it is great for building their confidence and self-identity.

In the afternoon we will head outside to practice our racquet sports and hand-eye-coordination some more and enjoy the sunshine.

Thanks Kindergarten class for an awesome day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Watching how cheese was made