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Welcome to our wonderful Thursday here at Riversdale Kindergarten. We had a great day of outdoor play, craft activities and some role playing games.

In the morning the children were excited to get the big playground back after a little holiday while they cut some of the tree branches. After coming indoors for morning tea the children gathered for group time where we did stories and talked about what we were going to do today. First we gathered to make the pizzas for lunch which the children really enjoy. While we did that others enjoyed activities like the home corner or the awesome posters we have about clocks, world maps and space.

Next it was time for Arakan martial arts, these sessions are always filled with lots of laughter and the children are doing really well at learning left and right and how to control their bodies.

Don’t forget tomorrow we are celebrating Floral Friday which is about celebrating Australian indigenous and Pacific Island culture. You can dress up in floral clothing and bring some island themed accessories if you like and we will have some flag decorating activities, dress ups, Moana dance party and more!

Thanks for reading our blog today. See you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess