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Hello Kindergarten families and welcome to our Thursday here at Riversdale.

Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcome a beautiful group of 15 children.

This morning children were happily playing and exploring the great outdoors with their friends and teachers. Some children liked doing the craft activity that Miss Jess set up for all to enjoy. Children were able to create themselves or their families using the paddle pop stick, PVA glue and crayons. Other children found playing soccer, practicing their kicking and throwing skills was AWESOME and a lot of FUN! The bikes, scooters, swing and sandpit too are enjoyed by all.

Soon enough it was time for the Kindergarten to come join Mr Andrew and Miss Jess on the green mat. Before children went to wash their hands ready to eat morning tea, we went through our ABC’S and practiced our good morning song. After we washed our hands ensuring we have no dirt or germs on them before we eat.

All children after they had eaten and tummies were nice and full joined Mr Andrew on the mat ready for a great BIG BOOK to be read about the Gruffalo. All children loved this book!! Mr Andrew than got some helpers to change the calendar. Children were than asked to choose an activity that they would like to do before they left the mat.

Ellie and Eva liked building a house for the dolls to enjoy as they worked together to reach their end result that they wanted. Evelyn, Charlie, Lily and Genevieve, did their leaf art as they first had to carefully trace around their leaf before they painted them. They really liked doing this and making sure they were holding the pencil properly in the pencil grip. Mace practiced his cutting skills and scissors skills as he cut paper before putting it into the container. Xavier, Wyatt, Kerim, Braxton and Sonni participated in an activity that involves many things inside the box called a mystery box and they were guessing what it could be before they pull the item out. Mariah was interested in the pebble counting activity as she had to match the amount of pebbles to the number on the card, she did a great job! Charlotte enjoyed problem solving with the puzzles as she needed to connect all the right pieces together to reach the finished picture. Henry was having fun in the home corner with his friends cooking up a treat for all to eat.

Mr Daniel came today to do Arakan with us all! Children LOVE showing how fast they can be to quickly cover their head or tummies. How far we can throw and how quick we can run to get the bone or glove. Always so many laughs are had with Mr Daniel, Thankyou and see you again next week.

Children explored many different activities that they were interested in throughout the room and lots of fun was had doing so.

This afternoon if it doesn’t rain, we will all be outside having a wonderful time taking in fresh air and hopefully a nice cool breeze. Thankyou Kindergarten for today, you have all been superstars.

See you all soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.