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Hello everyone and thanks for joining the Kindergarten blog today.

What glorious weather we have been having! We have been enjoying lots of outdoor play in all of the different playgrounds and the children have been playing with a wide range of different resources like the basketball hoops, the hula hoops, rugby balls, soccer balls, obstacle courses, lovely flat  grassy areas and hilly slide areas and the tree areas of the carpark playground.

We had a surprise with some police officers visiting some houses nearby so they came across and chatted with the children and put the lights and sirens on as they left. It was great to speak to some police officers in action and they did a great job at explaining that they are here to help people and have positive intereactions.

Another special activity for the day was Arakan martial arts. The children always look forward to joining Mr Dan’s sessions and there is always lots of learning and laughter to be had.

Our planned activity for today was to extend on some shape activities from yesterday so we used some string and glue to build some shapes on paper. It was great for learning shape recognition and practicing fine motor skills relating to cutting and gluing. We also did some measuring to make sure the string was the right length for the sides.

We also have been trying to bring more of the Yugambeh language into the classroom by using some flashcards and playing some memory games. The cards have the aboriginal words for different family members on them like mother, father, brother, sister etc. If our families have anything they would like to contribute towards bringing some more Aboriginal culture then come and speak to Mr Andrew or Miss Jess.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the sunshine!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess