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Hello Families and welcome to Terrific Thursday

Today Kindergarten have explored their sense of touch, we have started by looking at how things feel on our fingers. We started the activity by tracing our hands onto paper and talking about what things we felt with our hands. This has also started the discussion about what things feel like on our fingers. The children have enjoyed exploring the different parts of their bodies. Today during our discussion we looked at the heart, we discovered that our body pumps blood full of oxygen around our body and also blood that needs oxygen in it. They have discovered the rhythm of the heart and also what sound the heart makes.

Levi, Wynter, Hamilton and Jaxon have enjoyed playing with the connector pieces making some interesting pictures together. The conversation at this particular table has centred around, Which picture was better ?. Whether they could see through the picture if they held it up to the sun?. Jaxon was quick to point out that the sun was a ball of fire and it warmed up the classroom. The Kindergarten children have shown that they are able to transfer the information that they are learning into group time, they are also able to express different information in different ways.

We have also been visited by Mr Dan today who helped us to enjoy one of the children’s favourite activities Arakan. Hamilton knows exactly what happens on a Thursday and is always very excited.

The children have started a class chart today using the moon and stars, every morning the children need to move their astronaut from space to the moon and when they go home back to space when they go home. This will help the children to recognise their name and help them feel like this is their classroom. We have also started to change the day and the dates everyday, taking notice of the weather as well. I apologies if this creates some little weather observers.

Have a great Thursday.


Miss Sharon and her little scientists