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Welcome everybody to our fantastic day in the Kindergarten class!

Today we started our morning indoors playing with all the wonderful activities Miss Jess set up the evening before. It is great to see the children curiously exploring all the wonderful resources we have in the Kindergarten class and using their imaginations so creatively.

At group time we read a couple of stories about feelings and emotions. One was called “Eat you dinner” and was about a little baby bear that didn’t like his food but realised he needed to eat dinner before he got dessert. We talked about how sometimes we need to do things we don’t like before we can do other things we like (for example tidying up our activities before we play with something new).

Other activities we did today included colouring in outlines of bodies and sticking our faces on them. We coloured them, glued them and then the class went and put a red fingerprint on the pictures of their friends and told the teachers what they liked about their friends and we wrote the message on top.

We also had an exciting treat today where we got to make our own pizzas for lunch! They children were so excited to be able to spread the sauce and ingredients on the pizza and they went down a treat at lunch time as well. Experiences like this are great for children to be able to get involved with their own food and get a greater appreciation for it.

We had a small play outdoors before lunch where the children chose a variety of games like throwing bean bags into hoops, kicking balls into the soccer goal or sliding down the big hill on a big mat.

For the afternoon we will do some alphabet and number games as well as some music sessions. Hopefully the weather is nice enough to get outdoors for again for a little bit even if we just use the tree house.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy your evening.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jade