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Happy Thursday everyone!

This morning we welcome Angelina to kindergarten! We are so happy to have you in our class Angelina and can’t wait to get to know you.

Before we came inside today we had a lovely visit from Emily’s furry best friend Neva! the children loved saying hello and giving Neva a pat, she was very excited to see all of our friends too and gave everyone lots of kisses.     

We then went inside for group time with Miss Sarah, doing our good morning song, our days of the week song and changing our calendar for today. Hayley told us it was Thursday today, Hamilton was our weather checker and told us it was cloudy and windy today, and our new friend Angelina told us it was the 4th of July today. We have some clever friends in kindergarten don’t we!

We had a bit of a change of our usual program today and after a bit of a dance party, we went outside for another play before lunch since it was such a lovely morning. We played under the fort, hide and seek and to continue on from our Australia theme for this week, we painted some lovely koalas!

We had a very lovely day today in Kindergarten! We hope you all have had a great day too.

See you tomorrow, Miss Danna and Miss Sarah.