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Hi everybody we had a great today in the kindergarten room.

This morning we sat with Miss Emma for group time discuss how we are feeling today some of use said Happy, sad, frustrated and surprised. Miss Emma also read us book called King Pig. then we discuss what we would like to do today.

We played with Play-dough, home corner,Lego, wooden blocks, We even did some aboriginal handprint painting with Miss Sarah using Red, Yellow and black.

 For our quiet activity time this afternoon, we decided to go out into our outdoor classroom as it was such a nice day. The children enjoyed reading books, building with lego, using their imagination to create picture stories with the felt board characters and using our imagination and role playing with the dolls house.

In the afternoon the children choose what song they wanted to listen to and the children asked for the macarena so Miss Sarah put the song on and taught the children the lesson.

We came back together on the mat and Miss Emma spoke to us and asked what we enjoyed today, Emily,Hayley,Greyson said they enjoyed the slide out side, Rosie, Levi, Hamilton enjoyed playing with play-dough. Then we discussed what we would like to do tomorrow.

hope you all have a wonderful Afternoon and will see you all again in the morning

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah