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Welcome Kindergarten families to our Thursday blog. Hopefully many families are still keeping in touch despite not being here with us, we are definitely missing you guys.
Today we enjoyed some sunny activities such as catching and passing balls, doing gymnastics on the mat and even getting Mr Andrew to catch a toad that snuck into the playground!
With smaller groups the teachers have been able to pick up on little skills that the children are developing. We have been doing lots of catching and throwing games and you can see the children getting more accurate with their throws and catching the balls more often. Ellie particularly enjoyed throwing the small rugby ball as high
We continued our fairy tale stories, today reading the tale of the Lion and the Mouse. Emmett had heard this one before and managed really well to keep it a secret until the end. As the children have been reading more of these stories they are getting better and understanding cause and effect relationships and anticipating what comes next. So when the lion caught the mouse and set him free all the children excitedly suggested that the mouse would save the lion when he got caught.
Afterwards we made our own little playdough mice and acted out the scenes ourselves. It was great to see that the children remembered the story and were confident enough to act it out amongst themselves. With the smaller, more intimate groups the teachers have noticed a lot more confident behaviour from the children and their descriptive language is developing well.
In the middle of our day we had some other free play activities with playdough, small animals and these are great opportunities to sing little songs like “speckled frogs”, “down in the jungle” and others that the children love. Its great to just mess around and have a goofy time sometimes and it strengthens bonds between teachers and children.
Our afternoon was filled with fun activities including fairy making – we had to stick different props on our fairies and decorate them. It is amazing that despite using the same props they all looked so different. This theme fit well with our talks about diversity and our song “Colours of Australia”.
Mr Andrew set up some more games with the children including another one that they call the “Bomb game” where one person launches bean bags into the circle trying to get the others and everyone else has to dodge them.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful presence at the centre it means a lot to still see everyone’s smiling faces. See you tomorrow and for those that we don’t , see you next week!